2/21/19 New releases from 7 Daggers and Blood Moon Majesty recorded and mixed at Counterpoint. Give them a listen on our spotify playlist HERE

2/21/19 Augstist King Shot and recorded his new single at Counterpoint. Check it HERE.

2/21.19 Joey Cooks shot his video at Counterpoint for his new song "Know You" Check it out HERE

10/26/18 NBA Youngboy has been in the studio this week and already posted this song he's been recording here at Counterpoint. Check it HERE
10/16/18 Made a Spotify playlist of some of the things recorded here at Counterpoint Studios

10.8/18 Check out new album by Park 88 "The Fearlessness". A bunch of it was recorded at Counterpoint Studios. HERE

10/4/18 Be sure to check out our Facebook page for all the fun artist that have been recording and shooting videos at our studio HERE. Be sure to hit that like button :-)

10/1/18 New single from Danger Hailstorm that was recorded and mixed at Counterpoint is out now. Check it out here.

7/19/2017 Quinn Allman (The Used) and Megan Joy (American Idol) recorded a  bunch of songs and shot video for their new band Vadawave at Counterpoint Studios. Check it out here.

7/10/2017 Check out the new Terrance Danger Hailstorm single "Rocket" Recorded and mixed at Counterpoint Studios 

12/09/2015 Here is a video with some great shots of our 9' Fazioli piano. Recorded and shot at the studio.

12/8/2015 The new Renee Plant Band single "Bump Bump" recorded at Counterpoint Studios is now available for purchase HERE.

12/1/2015 Just finished tracking the voice overs for the new Sierra Quitiquit movie "How Did I Get Here?" Check out the preview HERE.

11/24/2015 Check out the new Dirtytraxx ft. Basement Pros track FIYAH! Recorded, mixed and mastered at Counterpoint Studios. Check it out HERE.

11/24/2015 New Danger Hailstorm "Halo" single recorded, mixed and mastered here as well. Check it out HERE.

10/1/15 Interift just finish an album titled "Memories Of The Future, Today. Check it out HERE.

9/1/2015 Check out the new Danger Hailstorm two song single recorded here: Following Wires/ No Solution

5/25/15 Slug Magazine did a nice write up on the donation of Counterpoint Studios to The Utah Arts Alliance. Read it HERE.

4/03/15 Eagle Twin posted a single that was recorded here last summer. Check it out HERE.

Here are some video clips of the studio: